Revising Characters – Second Side of Romance Triangle


Revising Characters

Second Side of Romance Triangle

Writing the MC vs His Girl Friend

Read about completing the MC’s arc with his current girl friend.

How do we approach the other woman? She might be a beady-eyed conniver intent on destroying a marriage…an unwilling recipient of unwanted attentions from the guy…or, maybe they both suffered bad luck until their chance for true happiness occurs…or, whether they both drift into it, trying to avoid it, but, nevertheless, become involved.

I selected the last…something that crept up on them. Surprised, they struggle to master their emotions.

With forty scenes, the other woman appears twenty-one, sharing seven scenes with the girl friend.

And a decision popped up right way — what distinguishes them? By that, I mean more than height, skin or hair color. Up to this point, strong women both, they came across as feisty, hunting what they wanted, forging their way through a man’s world. Alas…they came off as similar. Given that, why choose one over the other.

Consequently, the girl friend remained spoiled, entitled, unrestrained, unabashedly manipulating men. Politically and personally ambitious, she owns him, with little intention of relinquishing him. Not only does the promise of their relationship warm her soul, she intends to advance her own family’s interests through him.

That left me with free to do anything else with the other woman. So, I tweaked her, trying to make her more repressed, mindful of her own religion and people, yet beholden to him for rescuing her, understanding they have no chance or future. And the MC’s role became clear…uncertain about his own feelings, suffering guilt at attractions he feels.

On preparing her scenes, I revisited her qualities (Proper, Observant, Honest, Witty), and picked out a single quality for each (what is the right thing, notices changes, strong conscience, unable achieve intimacy with others). Then, scene by scene, I picked the appropriate attribute for emphasis, then repeated the process for the MC.

Along the way, I tried something new…multiple pictures for the MC and the other woman. Each character has four major characteristics, with a separate picture, and I revised each scene with their pictures before me.

If convinced I violated no copyrights, I might post them. Otherwise, I decline to steal from another artist’s material. They have every right to earn a living.

While writing, I found myself concentrating on her, with most changes in her paragraphs. Is it because I identify most strongly with her? And, unlike the girl friend, where I made few MC changes, this I I changed more paragraphs. Perhaps toning the other woman down lowered his responding emotions, leaving him almost unaware a choice looms.

Did I succeed? Outsiders must tell me, because I have lost my distance.

In all, after revising twenty-one scenes, another 3,000 words hopped onto the page, pushing the WIP beyond 100,000 words.

Next time I hope to discuss both women facing off.

Read about the girl friend and the other woman.

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