Packaging The Story – The Big Cover-Up


Packaging The Story – The Big Cover-Up

Look Inside…Please?

Read about character images.

Puzzle pieces lay on the table, face showing, straight edges in one place, the other pieces sorted into guesses. In the same way, all the pieces needed to package our story…the blurb, title, and pictures of our important characters…converge in front and back covers.

Time for another true confession…I’ve interacted with truly gifted cover artists and understand my own meager talent and training. Irregardless of their observations, I need look no further than best seller covers with their wide variety, to realize how few clues I have.


Go to your book shelves, Amazon, or the library…and look.
Envy those souls capable of studying disparate covers, each utterly different than their neighbor, same genre or not, and understand. Color my eyes green with envy.

And the overworked fall-back, going to the net, serves to further muddy the waters. If only we knew who to go with, and who to ignore. With such diverse advice, I intend to turn to a professional.

Even if I found no magic step-by-step instructions, I came up with some good recommendations. Cover should:

  • Clue readers into the genre
  • With the most beautiful cover possible
  • Laying out the story’s basic premise, digestible in an instant
  • Cover complimenting and accentuating the title
  • Without strap-lines
  • Amazon thumbnail with image trumping words
  • With title emphasized over writer’s name until widespread branding promotes more than the title
  • Strive for clarity.

Where could I go wrong? A better question…where could I go right?

Daunted, I struggled on, completing the puzzle hours later…then regarded my creation. After a good laugh, and numerous tears, I concluded it wasn’t a complete loss. It might serve as a bad example, warning others to beware. Ha.

But…that’s just my opinion.

Where do you stand?  Want to look inside?


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