Fourth Revision – Herding Butterflies


Fourth Revision – Herding Butterflies

It’s Harder Than Herding Cats

Read about second thoughts regarding my Trusted Reader’s comments.

With four hand written pages of comments, I summoned courage to push and prod those happy, care-free butterfly comments into the barn. Within, they swirled, glancing at me, warily from time to time, their fates hanging in the balance.

I shared their uncertainty.

But…where to start? Once, I would have jumped into the deep end of the pool and picked them off with no thought to changing changes. But, that leads to chaos. Sanity lies with ordering problems into similar groups, and addressing them simultaneously. Otherwise, one set of changes undoes another.

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Revising Characters – Herding Scenes


Revising Characters – Herding Scenes

Is Herding Cats Easier?

Read about…that unending topic…revising my MC’s arc.

Remember the old Chinese saying about the longest journey beginning with the first step?



But, eighteen days later and I’m finally three-quarters done with my MC. Yikes. I’m finding ways to get two scenes a day, but I’m struggling. When I’m finished with all this, I need to do some serious thinking regarding accelerating this because it’s taking an eternity to finish.

I am shocked, almost beyond words.

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