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Revising – Lights, Camera, Action Scenes


Revising – Making Suspense Scenes Scream

I’m Ready For My Closeup, Mr. DeMille

Read about revising suspense scenes.

I hate action scenes…

…because I can’t write them well.

And, because I write action scenes poorly, I shy away from them. Alas…I get no better.

But, I have a plan.  At the recommendation of writers who write terrific fight scenes, I’ve ordered Violence: A Writers’ Guide. That means revisiting my action scenes at a future date.

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Revising – Making Dialog Scenes Sing


Revising – Making Dialog Scenes Sing

What’s With This Revelation Business, Anyway?

Read about revising for scene types.

Wait…dialog scenes?

Since most scenes have dialog, what does this even mean?

I had the same reaction on reading Jordan Rosenfeld’s craft book. Alas, that’s her term…and I wish she’d found another term, but she didn’t.

But, beyond that, what makes them different from other scenes?

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Revising – Making Scenes Behave


Revising – Making Scenes Behave

Why Won’t This Scene Work?

Read about fixing problems touching only a single scene.

I’m the only one to ever pulled her hair out and tell someone to do what I say, not what I do.

Or, not.

Consider story pacing. Story proportions influence our perceptions of pace, but scene types determine how fast or slow the story goes. String slow scenes together and the story bogs down. Pack in nothing but action scenes and readers will burn out. And that comes, in part, with scene types.

Wait…scene types?

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Revising – Fixing The Plot Line Scene By Scene


Revising – Fixing The Plot Line Scene By Scene

Filling in the Gaps Between the Logs

Read about fixing problems touching multiple scenes.

Ever gone inside an old log cabin?

Did you notice anything?

Daylight peeking through between the logs. An unpleasant thing if we lived in a cabin on those summer rains when the skies open and rain deluges our little home, or winter snows fall, driven by the north wind. The solution? Pack mud into the gaps and keep stuffing it in until only darkness remains.

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Revising – Starting At The Top


Revising – Starting At The Top

The Only Direction is Down – And That’s Okay

Read about planning to fix plot holes.

Finally, the endless sorting and planning have come to an end.

Now, our brave writer perches precariously on a mountainous TO DO list.

And she weighs two choices. On the one hand, she might grow wings and soar away to find another work. Or, she can take off her rose-colored glasses and start checking off the TO DO list. With all her heart she prays that, at the end, the story on paper will resemble the story in her head.

What did I do?

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