Late Night Sweets


Late Night Sweets

Please accept my submission for Friday Fictioneers.
Read about Leekah and the Christmas elves.

mothLeekah nudged Anibui until she landed on the ledge just like any Navy pilot. She was hungry.

When the widow opened, the AC nearly blew her off. “May I serve you?”

“Where’s Raphael?”.

“Night off. Never told me about fairy traffic.”

She fluffed her hair. He was cute. “Really.”

“I thought he was crazy. Ready to order little lady?”

That joke again. “I wanted a French Fry, but I’m watching my weight.”

“You look great.”

She pirouetted slowly. “Green makes me look fat.”

“Nah, You’re hot.”

“How sweet.” Was he up-selling her? Maybe not. “A Fry then, only small.”

WIP – Revising Scenes 59 and 71 – 74



Scenes 59 and 71 – 74

I revised scenes 67 – 70.


I’m done.

How strange.  What will I do now?

Scene 59 (June 26th)

I wrote Scene 59.  After that, I had nothing more to write.  Scene 59 isn’t my story’s last scene, but I waited until I’d finished everything else before I came back to it.

I was so worried about Part Four’s word count that I tried scrimping and saving words for this one.  And I needn’t have worried.  In my first draft, I used 4,800 words.  This time, I needed but 3,600 words.

I wonder why I worried so much?

Except, if this were a movie, Scene 59 is the one where thousands of extras march around and buildings are blow to pieces, and fires rage out of control.  I’m not sure my approach was right.  Time will tell. Continue reading

Icy Streets and Treacherous Footing – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs


Icy Streets and Treacherous Footing

I intend to become a better writer, using strong verbs, making a little game out of it.  Today’s strong words are prevail, measure, distort, minimize, solve, entail, contradict, rupture, recur, and focus.

Read about Tammy’s awareness of the Count.

tammyHeart pounding, Tammy hissed.

Then shifting her weight, Tammy lifted one boot. Balancing on her other, she minced, not trusting her footing. She glared at three young men watching her. Hating her impractical three-inch heels, she readied for her next step in the new snow.

Not only did she risk falling and making a fool of herself in front of them, she was cold. Had reason prevailed, she would have worn a coat over her Chateau uniform. Instead, she shivered in penance for her foolishness.

Gazing into shop windows she saw little, trying to measure her feelings. She knew his interest in her. Something about him attracted her. But she dared not let hormones distort her reason and logic. Lesser in stature to him, she stood to gain much if he chose to favor her. But she could not minimize how dangerous it had become for her.

Everyone heard those rumors of maidens succumbing to his charm. Plied with his attention and gifts, they lost their heads. Enraptured, they soared to heights unimagined by them. Then, without warning, they found themselves bundled off to some convent.

From inside, bespectacled eyes peered at her.

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Always Winter, Never Christmas


Always Winter, Never Christmas

Please accept my submission for Friday Fictioneers.
Read about Leekah helping the old woman.

always winterLeekah muttered.  Another chorus of We Are Santa’s Elves broke out.  Hefting her hammer, she pondered Santa’s window.  How many taps?

Icy air would freeze those stupid elves in mid-song.

She gazed at Santa’s garden.  His grapes had succumbed.  Summer’s gentle breezes, warm sun, and endless frolics were frozen forever.  Everything she loved had ended.

Elf Gloria nudged her.  “It won’t last.  What if we only had winter?”

Leekah shivered.

“We have hope,” Gloria said.  “Promises of new beginnings.”

“Christmas?”  Leekah said.  She smiled.  “I should visit the Old Woman.”  She nudged Gloria back.  “We could hang her ornaments.

One Taken, One Returned, One Remains


One Taken, One Returned, One Remains

Please accept my submission for Friday Fictioneers.
Read about Rachael’s difficult choice.

garageSaying it doesn’t make it—”

“C’mon Rachael, we’ve been over—”

Pablo never listened, always doing it his way.  She turned away, hiding her tears.  The padlock scraped shut for the last time.  His hands were on her shoulders.

“It’ll be alright sis.”

“But, it was—” She turned and buried her face in his chest. “—all he had.”

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Giggles, Sniggles and Arugula Salad


Giggles, Sniggles and Arugula Salad

Please accept my submission for Friday Fictioneers.
Read about Janet’s unexpected Quidditch Match.

lost“Of course people are looking,” Janet glared at Gregor

“’s so public.”

“Really?”  Janet stroked Taffy.  Her golden eyes were so cute.  “Three miles from our chimney flue?  Nothing closer?”

“How did I know Enchanted Lane wasn’t Enchanted Drive?”

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Cousins, Corners, and Cinnamon Crisp


Cousins, Corners, and Cinnamon Crisps

Please accept my story for the Weekly Writing Challenge, Pie.

Read about Amy going to the park, written for Friday Fictioneers.

Amy“But, why can’t I?” Amy asked.  “Ella doesn’t know how.”

“Amy, be nice to your cousin.”  Mom frowned.  “Ella wants to help—”

“But, she isn’t my real cousin.”  Amy stamped her foot. “ And Grandma isn’t—”

“Enough, Missy.  You aren’t too old to spank.”  Mom picked up the other girl.  Tears streamed down Ella’s cheeks, glistening in the kitchen lights.  “Say you’re sorry Amy.”

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