Revising Characters – Yellow Brick Road Time


Revising Characters – Yellow Brick Road Time

On A Tread-Mill

Read about updating my MC’s Prologue and First Scene.

Picture The Wizard of Oz with Dorothy skipping along the swirl and singing with the Munchkins…

…until she gets to the edge of town.

And, like her, I’m at the edge of town, looking at that road leading off into the distance, over hill and dale.  Only, I’m not skipping and singing.  I’m trapped on a treadmill.

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Revising Characters – Prologues and First Chapters


Revising Characters – Prologues And The First Chapter

No…No…No…They Are Not The Same Thing

Read about updating my Main Character’s personality traits.

I finally did it…

…start, that is.

I’ve revised my MC in the first four scenes…with thirty-six to go. And I’m averaging 250 new words per scene. At this rate I may reach 100,000. And, planning this story out, I wanted 12,000 words. Amazing.

Starting with a prologue.

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Revising Characters – Ooops…I Had Her All Wrong


Revising Characters – Ooops…I Had Her All Wrong

A Blinding Epiphany

Read about struggling with one of my characters.

Lightning struck last week with my most important non-MC character, Mera.

I had put her through a lot of bad things.

For instance?

Things like her murdered father dying in her arms, fleeing through a city convulsed in riots with a guy she only just met, a kidnapping and escaped a fate worse than death by a last second rescue. After that, the MC tried to force her into a role in his grand plan…without asking. And…she’s struggling to keep her feelings to herself because she and the MC grew up in different religions.

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Revising Characters – A Work In Progress


Revising Characters – A Work In Progress

One Step At A Time

Read about revising important characters.

Done yet?


Before starting, I went through all forty scenes, and recorded whether each of my ten characters contributed to that scene. In all, I came up with 452 instances. And they ranged from three for my MC’s father, to forty for the MC.

So…though twenty-four days have expired, I’m not ready to guess how much longer I need.

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Revising Characters – Its All In The Numbers, Right?


Revising Characters – It’s All In The Numbers, Right?

But It Takes Time

Read about my overall approach to character revisions.

Tuesday came and went…no blog post.

And now it’s Thursday…and I’m still not done revising characters.

But I’m afraid that, if I stop posting, I won’t post anymore. And I would hate that. These blogs make me accountable, sort of. And I like doing them. But I feel guilty about not grinding away on my WIP.

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Revising Characters – Arc Lights


Revising Characters – Arc Lights

Shining a Spotlight – An Approach

Read about the quandary after revising my scene structures.

Read about hand wringing after revising my scene structures.

From a craft perspective, how many things do we need for a good story?

In no particular order, I would vote for an interesting plot, memorable characters, and enjoyable prose.

But the right order will lead to less rework. Fix the plot, continue with the characters, and finish with writing style. The quickest way to lose material is by making huge changes to the scene order. With that set, I can bring characters to life without worrying whether their scenes will survive…usually.

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