Tan Lines


***Trigger Warning***

***Not Safe For Work***

Inspired by a recent prompt on Scribophile, I elected to try my hand at two things I’d not attempted before — Second Person, and Imperative Style.

True confession — I had no clue how to write Second Person, and I’d never heard of an Imperative Style. In desperation, I googled both, asked lots of questions in the group, and found this.

With Second Person, I try my best to draw readers into the story as a direct participant. I don’t mean First or Third Person where we experience all that our narrator experiences. Instead, we become that other character. And that took some doing.

Imperative writing assumes each sentence starts with a command or instruction. In the most simple form, it might read something like this — Get up. Walk across the room. Open the door.

Pretty dry, isn’t it?

So, why the trigger warning?

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The Sweetest Of Them All


The Sweetest Of Them All

A Leekah Story

Read about Leekah’s late night snack.

Breath to kill flocks of fairies.

Leekah gagged, then slowly rose level with Percival’s enormous brown eye. No need to trigger his reflexes…not that he could touch her. But, once in beast mode they took forever to relax.


Buffeted by gale-force winds, she grabbed a flying moccasin and righted herself. When Nihun had read off crew duties, lion teeth cleaning sounded interesting…until the pilot fish – shark thingie.

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Late Night Sweets


Late Night Sweets

Please accept my submission for Friday Fictioneers.
Read about Leekah and the Christmas elves.

mothLeekah nudged Anibui until she landed on the ledge just like any Navy pilot. She was hungry.

When the widow opened, the AC nearly blew her off. “May I serve you?”

“Where’s Raphael?”.

“Night off. Never told me about fairy traffic.”

She fluffed her hair. He was cute. “Really.”

“I thought he was crazy. Ready to order little lady?”

That joke again. “I wanted a French Fry, but I’m watching my weight.”

“You look great.”

She pirouetted slowly. “Green makes me look fat.”

“Nah, You’re hot.”

“How sweet.” Was he up-selling her? Maybe not. “A Fry then, only small.”

Read about Leekah staring down a lion.

Always Winter, Never Christmas


Always Winter, Never Christmas

Please accept my submission for Friday Fictioneers.
Read about Leekah helping the old woman.

always winterLeekah muttered.  Another chorus of We Are Santa’s Elves broke out.  Hefting her hammer, she pondered Santa’s window.  How many taps?

Icy air would freeze those stupid elves in mid-song.

She gazed at Santa’s garden.  His grapes had succumbed.  Summer’s gentle breezes, warm sun, and endless frolics were frozen forever.  Everything she loved had ended.

Elf Gloria nudged her.  “It won’t last.  What if we only had winter?”

Leekah shivered.

“We have hope,” Gloria said.  “Promises of new beginnings.”

“Christmas?”  Leekah said.  She smiled.  “I should visit the Old Woman.”  She nudged Gloria back.  “We could hang her ornaments.

One Taken, One Returned, One Remains


One Taken, One Returned, One Remains

Please accept my submission for Friday Fictioneers.
Read about Rachael’s difficult choice.

garageSaying it doesn’t make it—”

“C’mon Rachael, we’ve been over—”

Pablo never listened, always doing it his way.  She turned away, hiding her tears.  The padlock scraped shut for the last time.  His hands were on her shoulders.

“It’ll be alright sis.”

“But, it was—” She turned and buried her face in his chest. “—all he had.”

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Giggles, Sniggles and Arugula Salad


Giggles, Sniggles and Arugula Salad

Please accept my submission for Friday Fictioneers.
Read about Janet’s unexpected Quidditch Match.

lost“Of course people are looking,” Janet glared at Gregor

“But..it’s so public.”

“Really?”  Janet stroked Taffy.  Her golden eyes were so cute.  “Three miles from our chimney flue?  Nothing closer?”

“How did I know Enchanted Lane wasn’t Enchanted Drive?”

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