Pumping It Up – Fixing Second Act Slumps


Pumping It Up

Fixing Second Act Slumps

Read about deconstructing Lawrence of Arabia.

Ever watch those backyard inflatable play sets pop up? After looking at pictures, maybe seeing one at a neighbor’s event, you take the plunge. A crew comes out, drag pieces into the backyard, and gets ready. Already pulling hair out over chairs and treats and whether any little kiddies will come, you glance the brightly colored rubber piles and wonder if you made a mistake.

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How Did I Miss That – A Damaged Structure


How Did I Miss That?

A Damaged Structure

Read about my trusted reader’s reluctance to read my story.

When did you suffer your last how-did-I-miss-that moment?

Mine latest came while watching a film.  I didn’t sit down to watch Lawrence of Arabia, intending to learn anything.  I’d tucked my suspense of disbelief away, cradled my bowl of pop corn, and waited to experience a superb film.

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