Pumping It Up – Fixing Second Act Slumps Part Two


Pumping It Up – Part Two

Still Fixing Second Act Slumps

Read about starting to fix sagging middles.

I wanted to fix this story by Halloween…alas…not badly enough. Thanksgiving seems plausible. Consider…if NaNoWriMo exhorts people to write 50,000 word novels in a month, finishing revisions should be easy.

But, don’t despair. I’ve progressed, writing another 3,000 words into 3B, growing it from the smallest to the second largest section. And I’ve added another 2,300 words to 4A.

With good fortune, I’ll finish weaving in subplots that fill the slump, leaving only smaller TO DO items.

And, the final mystery remains finding my new Trusted Reader. I can hardly wait to see how I escape that trap. Ha.

Read about the Happy For Now ending to fixing the Second Act slump.

Ode To NaNoWritMo


Ode To NaNoWriMo

8Twas the day of NaNoWriMo,

And all through the site,

Posts went unanswered,

Not a panster this night.


Where had they all gone?

Had they been carried away?

Were they off writing?

Did not even one of them stay?


Cocking our ears we hear something amiss,

Peeking through windows with exquisite care,

We spied them all eager and fresh,

Pounding out words as fast as they dare.


Words flew to the screen in a flurry of hope,

Onward adverbs, passives, and that hopping head,

Their lips a mutter as they dare not think,

Let them leave no story for dead.


For when it is all done,

When the sands run out,

They will have told their tale,

And we will all shout.


We are writers now, is there no doubt?


I pray each of you makes it to 50,000 words.  Good luck and God’s speed.