Fourth Revision – Falling Through The Ice…Not


Fourth Revision – Falling Through The Ice…Not

So Far…So Good

Read about my plan for the Fourth Revision.

Ever walked on thin ice? Still brave with that first groan? Nope.

Heart clogging my throat, I conjure images of the ice parting, plunging into shocking cold water, kicking and fighting to rise, desperate to break the surface…only to bump into the underside of the ice.

Happily, that’s not, literally, happened to me. But, figuratively, it has. No fun.

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Fourth Revision – Herding Butterflies


Fourth Revision – Herding Butterflies

It’s Harder Than Herding Cats

Read about second thoughts regarding my Trusted Reader’s comments.

With four hand written pages of comments, I summoned courage to push and prod those happy, care-free butterfly comments into the barn. Within, they swirled, glancing at me, warily from time to time, their fates hanging in the balance.

I shared their uncertainty.

But…where to start? Once, I would have jumped into the deep end of the pool and picked them off with no thought to changing changes. But, that leads to chaos. Sanity lies with ordering problems into similar groups, and addressing them simultaneously. Otherwise, one set of changes undoes another.

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Sorting The Pieces – Trusted Reader Comments


Sorting The Pieces – Trusted Reader Comments

After A Closer Look

Read about my Trusted Reader’s reaction to the story.

Five days ago my Trusted Reader confided in me, and I tripped the light fantastic. Overflowing with joy, I sighed, relieved at not wasting another year. Life, with all its brilliant possibilities, beckoned.

Then I looked at my notes…

…prompting a second conversation.

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Hey, Maybe I’m A Writer – Trusted Reader Comments


Hey, Maybe I’m A Writer – Trusted Reader Comments

I Can Always Hope

Read about propping up that sagging middle.

Like the morning after, I find myself breathing again, admiring bright, sun-drenched skies, and fresh, crisp scents of promise. In our nano-instantness world, where Amazon Prime, ordered last night, arrives late the following day, or download apps right-now, waiting seemed utterly archaic, barbarisms from another time.

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Trusted Reader — Troubling Discussion


Trusted Reader – Troubling Discussion

When They Fear to Say No

Read about my attempt at a cover.

Don’t you hate events playing out differently than the way planned. And, instead of ascending the ladder to success, you discover you haven’t begun. Worse, you’ve no clear idea where you stand.

This happened with my Trusted Reader.

My old Trusted Reader had grown weary of reading unpolished stories teeming with flaws. With that, I searched until locating someone perfectly suited to discuss story structure, brainstorming where the story might go, and places to avoid. She agreed. Continue reading

Packaging The Story – The Big Cover-Up


Packaging The Story – The Big Cover-Up

Look Inside…Please?

Read about character images.

Puzzle pieces lay on the table, face showing, straight edges in one place, the other pieces sorted into guesses. In the same way, all the pieces needed to package our story…the blurb, title, and pictures of our important characters…converge in front and back covers.

Time for another true confession…I’ve interacted with truly gifted cover artists and understand my own meager talent and training. Irregardless of their observations, I need look no further than best seller covers with their wide variety, to realize how few clues I have.

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Packaging The Story – But What Do They Look Like?


Packaging The Story – But What Do They Look Like?

A Thousand Words…Really?

Read about titles.

Covers. True confession…I pride myself, perhaps falsely, on writing passably, but am hopeless at physically drawing things. Consequently, I’m utterly incapable of describing compelling covers, let alone create them. If my story ever reaches the end game, I will trust all cover work to a competent artist

But…that time hasn’t come. Stll the creative urge overcame me.

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