It’s A Cat’s Life


It’s a Cat’s Life

Bench Pressing Strong Verbs

Read about new neighbors.

Does practice make perfect?


Does it make permanent?

Part of my experiment in writing with strong verbs is to lodge them in my brain as permanent choices.  And…maybe…I will use them perfectly.  Ha.

This story may be just a little risque, but, what can I say?  I’ve been a good girl, letting my WIP’s first draft sit in a drawer…for twelve entire days, with only two more to go.  So…I guess I’m restless…in a mood.  And, this story popped out.

So, here are the rules for writing with strong verbs, and today’s words – eradicate, show, manifest, advance, prevail, state, transform, analyze, illustrate, and display.


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Chills of Fear? – Strong Verbs


Chills of Fear?

Bench Pressing Strong Verbs

Read about Tammy’s excursion to an old book shop.

I adore those with large vocabularies…as long as they aren’t stuck on themselves. Ha.

So, here I am, writing a story, using strong verbs, using them in the random order drawn from my list of 179: develop, extrapolate, envision, initiate, constitute, juxtapose, depend on, compute, impress, and assume.

How, I must wonder, do such words fit into stories of young tour guides at French Chateaus?


Arms folded, hugging herself against cold washing over her, creeping up nylon-covered legs, caressing her bare throat, Tammy stared at the old woman’s shop, Hannah’s words swirling in her head. While waiting for her own thoughts to develop, she tried extrapolating warnings offered in hushed tones deep behind dusty bookshelves against soft snow slowly burying the cobblestone streets.

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Brightness In The Dark – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs


Brightness In The Dark

An Amy Tale of Bench Pressing Strong Verbs

Want to improve your vocabulary?

Easy…use stronger verbs.

So, making a game of it, I drew random unused words from my list of 179 strong verbs: assess, entail, measure, eradicate, force, base, compute, aggravate, maximize, and demand.

Can’t wait to see a story of an eight-year old girl with those words?  Me, too.  Ha.

Uncle Jason’s Expedition lurched across the field, following an endless like of cars. Amy desperately clutched her soda pop, determined not to spill it.

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Neighborhood Goes To The Dogs


The Neighborhood Goes To The Dogs

Bench Pressing Strong Verbs

Read about a lunch treat.

Ever had that dream of becoming a prolific writer…and not with stables of ghost writers doing the hard work?

Easy…write more.

How about stronger writing?

Not as easy…use stronger verbs, and, for fun, make a game of it. And, so we shall, using unused words drawn randomly from our list of 179: distinguish, perpetuate, impress, embody, organize, extrapolate, serve, assess, delineate, and respond.

Janet twirled long black hair while standing behind the front window curtain, determined to remain invisible. Months after that oaf of a contractor demolished poor Mrs. Puffmyer’s cute little cottage, replacing lovely memories of afternoon teas with a hideous MacMansion, rumbles had awoken Janet at the horrible hour of noon.

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Icy Streets and Treacherous Footing – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs


Icy Streets and Treacherous Footing

I intend to become a better writer, using strong verbs, making a little game out of it.  Today’s strong words are prevail, measure, distort, minimize, solve, entail, contradict, rupture, recur, and focus.

Read about Tammy’s awareness of the Count.

</aHeart pounding, Tammy hissed.

Then shifting her weight, Tammy lifted one boot. Balancing on her other, she minced, not trusting her footing. She glared at three young men watching her. Hating her impractical three-inch heels, she readied for her next step in the new snow.

Not only did she risk falling and making a fool of herself in front of them, she was cold. Had reason prevailed, she would have worn a coat over her Chateau uniform. Instead, she shivered in penance for her foolishness.

Gazing into shop windows she saw little, trying to measure her feelings. She knew his interest in her. Something about him attracted her. But she dared not let hormones distort her reason and logic. Lesser in stature to him, she stood to gain much if he chose to favor her. But she could not minimize how dangerous it had become for her.

Everyone heard those rumors of maidens succumbing to his charm. Plied with his attention and gifts, they lost their heads. Enraptured, they soared to heights unimagined by them. Then, without warning, they found themselves bundled off to some convent.

From inside, bespectacled eyes peered at her.

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Cousins, Corners, and Cinnamon Crisp


Cousins, Corners, and Cinnamon Crisps

Please accept my story for the Weekly Writing Challenge, Pie.

Read about Amy going to the park.

“But, why can’t I?” Amy asked.  “Ella doesn’t know how.”

“Amy, be nice to your cousin.”  Mom frowned.  “Ella wants to help—”

“But, she isn’t my real cousin.”  Amy stamped her foot. “ And Grandma isn’t—”

“Enough, Missy.  You aren’t too old to spank.”  Mom picked up the other girl.  Tears streamed down Ella’s cheeks, glistening in the kitchen lights.  “Say you’re sorry Amy.”

“I’m…sorry.”  Amy looked away.  She wasn’t sorry at all.  Mom had promised Amy could bake pies for Grandma.  Why did Ella always horn in.  “Can we bake it now, Mom, please?”

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Are We So Different – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs


Are We So Different?

I intend to become a better writer, using strong verbs, making a little game out of it.  Today’s strong words are adhere, demonstrate, burden, constitute, aggravate, contrast, compare, believe, argue, and disappear.

Click here to read about Tammy’s feeling of being watched.

</aShe felt his eyes. Time stopped. She forgot to breath.

Tammy’s body adhered to her original purpose. It climbed those dank, cold stairs, into sunlight. Letting it continue, she hoped she demonstrated poise and courtesy. Her thoughts of the Count still burdened her. His possible intentions toward her constituted an unending source of anxiety. Her worries fed on her fears, aggravating her mixed feelings about him.

To think of the two of them was to contrast their differences. Aside from their genders, he was European, sophisticated and sure of his right to take what he wanted. She was of the People, unrefined, and knew slights and prejudice. There was no way to compare their experiences, stations, and expectations and find common ground.

Her heart might believe he was different from other men.  And her heart cried out for him to see her as a person.  Could he see past her body, and find her interesting? But her spider senses argued he was like all men. When he saw a pretty girl, he wanted her. He would ply her with compliments and endearments, wearing her down. Believing in his charm, he would think only of captivating her soul.

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