Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained


Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

What If No One Noticed?


In his book, On Writing, Stephen King shares the mind-boggling number of rejections he earned for Carrie before someone took a chance on him. He makes it sound like enough rejections came in to insulate his attic room.

And…in some tiny, laughable way…I share his hurt.

I’ve labored over my WIP for years. I might go look but I don’t want to…but I think it’s four. I’ve let eight people read all of it. And I’ve carried it as far as possible without submitting to scene by scene critiquing, but courage fails me.

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I Did It


Well, I Did It

23I did another first in my life.  I actually finished a novel.  Well, it was really just a first draft.  It took me 101 days, and is nearly 170,000 words.  If you want to read about it, you can read about, if you wish.

Following the advice of people I trust, I put it away.  I will take it out, probably after the first of the year, and see what I think of it.

In the mean time, I will go off and do fun stuff for a while.  For one, I’m picking back up with studying James Scott Bell’s book, Plot and Structure.

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