Revising – Trimming Scenes – Finished – Wooo Hooo


Revising – Trimming Scenes – Finished – Wooo Hooo


Read about trimming scenes.

Read about trimming scenes.

A week after setting out to align character styles in the remaining scenes, I stared at the enter key. Then, with baited breath, I ran the script against the final character in the final scene, and…nothing popped up.

Nineteen scenes. One week.

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Revising – Trimming Scenes


Revising – Trimming Scenes

Snip, Snip, Snip

Read about finishing scene splitting.

Ever finally arrive with sky-high hopes, and…kept going?

I finished splitting nineteen scenes into thirty-nine. And, along the way, I revised characters into their final styles.

With that, I’d planned on fixing SPAG errors and send it to a Trusted Reader.

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Tan Lines


***Trigger Warning***

***Not Safe For Work***

Inspired by a recent prompt on Scribophile, I elected to try my hand at two things I’d not attempted before — Second Person, and Imperative Style.

True confession — I had no clue how to write Second Person, and I’d never heard of an Imperative Style. In desperation, I googled both, asked lots of questions in the group, and found this.

With Second Person, I try my best to draw readers into the story as a direct participant. I don’t mean First or Third Person where we experience all that our narrator experiences. Instead, we become that other character. And that took some doing.

Imperative writing assumes each sentence starts with a command or instruction. In the most simple form, it might read something like this — Get up. Walk across the room. Open the door.

Pretty dry, isn’t it?

So, why the trigger warning?

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