Revising – Quit The Drama And Get Started


Revising – Quit The Drama And Get Started

A Slave To My Work

Read about soaring one last time before falling back to earth.

Well…it feels that way.

Back from vacation…back to the old world. The dreary one I’d brainwashed myself into thinking I loved…punching the old clock…going to long, boring meetings, listening to the bosses drone on and on.

And where did I ever find time to write?

Work…family…story. My life in three words.

And my least favorite number today?


That’s how many dramatic scenes I get to revise.

The good news…I’m chipping away.

The bad news…four scenes done.

If only I wrote faster, and better…and had a herd of writers to work with me, like some writers churning out a zillion stories a year. Even the pets demand a piece of me. Poor Lisa. Sob.

Read about back in the saddle with drama.

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