Packaging The Story – Titles


Packing The Story – Titles

It’s Hard…Until It’s Not

Read about blurbs.

Titles. Ugh. How can someone write a 100,000 word story, and then draw a blank for a title?

Why? Oh Why?

Some writers conjure them faster than a pop corn popper. With no apparent effort, they disgorge title after title, prompting an urge to slap their faces off. The rest content ourselves with Untitled Story. Gag.

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Faleena Hopkins — Too Big To Fail…Not


Faleena Hopkins – Too Big To Fail…Not

I Know What It Means When I Say No Mas


Read about the opening Faleena’s day of reckoning in court.

Wait…wait…wait…the witch burning is off.. Sorry…you can all go home.

Faleena Hopkins quit, and will take down her Trade Mark of cocky.

And, as a writer, I really wanted to grieve for her, for she might have genuinely wanted to protect her stories. But all that stuff with Take Down Notices, acting totally snarky, branding her readers with insufficient discernment to figure out which books she’d written and those by other authors. Still, some of the writing greats have behaved dreadfully to other human beings. Papa Hemingway may have won a Nobel Prize in Literature, but he wasn’t ever going to win Best-Loved-Writer-By-Other-Writers.

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Faleena Hopkins — Her Day In Court


Faleena Hopkins – Her Day In Court

How Did It Taste?


Read about the opening shots in #Cockygate.


How does it really taste?

Faleena Hopkins, of #Cockygate, whom I blogged about in another post, escalated her war to enforce her recently awarded Trademark, by suing three people.  A Federal judge in New York held a preliminary hearing, summarized here.

Her most immediate loss was removal of Kevin Kneupper from the suit, thus allowing him to independently proceed with his challenge to awarding the Trademark.  And this may present Faleena with her biggest long-term peril, especially if the Trademark Office determines she made false statements, most notably her claim that she was the first to use Cocky in a series title.

Another pending loss is the suit against Jennifer Watson, who assembled an anthology of short stories called Cocktales, with the only stipulation that they contain Cocky in the title. Almost all proceeds will go to writers ensnared by Faleena Hopkins. As an aside, I had an opportunity to contribute a short story. Why did I elevate my WIP above a chance to strike a blow for underdog writers everywhere? Shame on me.

Meanwhile, many questioned the appropriateness of suing the publisher at all. Should not Faleena have gone after the authors?

Faleena’s best chance rests in her suit against Tara Crescent. And who knows how that will turn out? Because, though the judge seems to have made comments about the weakness of the Trademark, if it goes to a jury, anything might happen…especially if Tara Crescent counter sues for damages and court costs.

I think the next court date falls at the end of summer…a long, hot summer for a bully.

Read about Faleena’s late July surprise.

Revising – Quit The Drama And Get Started


Revising – Quit The Drama And Get Started

A Slave To My Work

Read about soaring one last time before falling back to earth.

Well…it feels that way.

Back from vacation…back to the old world. The dreary one I’d brainwashed myself into thinking I loved…punching the old clock…going to long, boring meetings, listening to the bosses drone on and on.

And where did I ever find time to write?

Work…family…story. My life in three words.

And my least favorite number today?


That’s how many dramatic scenes I get to revise.

The good news…I’m chipping away.

The bad news…four scenes done.

If only I wrote faster, and better…and had a herd of writers to work with me, like some writers churning out a zillion stories a year. Even the pets demand a piece of me. Poor Lisa. Sob.

Read about back in the saddle with drama.

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Back To Earth


Back To Earth

To Soar Again

Read about escaping.

The chime sounds.

Engines which had labored for so long, die into silence.

Everyone stands, elbowing for position in a mad scramble to collect everything from overhead and under the seat. Thirty people transform into strangers, morphing from whatever they pretended into whatever they must.

Stand at the door…luxuriating in an amazingly calm day..familiar sights, sounds, and smells.

Stay his hand from the radio, lingering while we drive to the pet palace. Happy barks and wagging tail…sloppy kisses. Pitiful meows melting into hurt silence and golden glares.

Pull into the garage, letting him catch me with my sidelong glance…then laugh softly before releasing our furry little friends to scamper off to reassure themselves they’ve returned to their little worlds.

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Faleena Hopkins — Writer or Censors?


Faleena Hopkins – Writer or Censor?

Is Censorship Playing Out Before Our Very Eyes?

Never send an email when you’re upset…or post an article.

Grandmother always chided me to sleep on something which riled me beyond any ability to think…and, never write it down and mail it. The internet didn’t exist in her time. And she’d probably figure I should reconsider post this because I’m still livid, and may say some things I shouldn’t. But this post popped up a day or two ago, and stuck like a burr under my saddle.

Have you’ve heard of Faleena Hopkins, a romance writer who has respectable sales on Amazon? Until now, I had no awareness of her existence. It turns out she writes romance fiction, and has done some one-woman shows and other interesting things. All in all, she sounds like a talented writer out to make a name for herself. Until she started sending out emails. Continue reading