Revising Characters – Third Side of Romance Triangle


Revising Characters

Third Side of Romance Triangle

Writing The Girl Friend Vs The Other Woman

Read about completing the MC’s arc with the other woman.

Finally, we get to the fun part of the romance triangle…her vs the other her. We’ve all seen these, or experienced a couple, to know understand their workings, and ways to write them. One wants to keep their property. The other wants to take it away. And, depending on our story structure, we cast them as both good, bad, or one of each.

And I’m leaning toward the other woman maybe getting her man…if she wants him.

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Revising Characters – Second Side of Romance Triangle


Revising Characters

Second Side of Romance Triangle

Writing the MC vs His Girl Friend

Read about completing the MC’s arc with his current girl friend.

How do we approach the other woman? She might be a beady-eyed conniver intent on destroying a marriage…an unwilling recipient of unwanted attentions from the guy…or, maybe they both suffered bad luck until their chance for true happiness occurs…or, whether they both drift into it, trying to avoid it, but, nevertheless, become involved.

I selected the last…something that crept up on them. Surprised, they struggle to master their emotions.

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Revising Characters – First Side of Romance Triangle


Revising Characters

First Side of Romance Triangle

Writing the MC vs His Girl Friend

Read about completing the MC’s characterization.

Did you study for your quiz question? Oh no…too late now. Here comes the question.

When writing a romance triangle, where do we start?

Draw a blank?  Me, to.  Then lightning struck. Duh. Why not start at the beginning…with the MC and his girlfriend? After all, if beginning works for everything else, shouldn’t that hold with our perfect couple.

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Revising Characters – MC Arriving Gate 9 3/4


Revising Characters – MC Arriving Gate 9 3/4

So…How Did I Know I’d Finished?

Read about…that unending struggled with my MC’s arc.

Last night, I typed in the final time my MC used his favorite phrase. He began a sentence with AYE for the last time. And his final line compliments the story’s opening line.

And…I’m done installing his character.

How do I know?

If the list has no empty boxes, we’ve arrived.

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Revising Characters – Herding Scenes


Revising Characters – Herding Scenes

Is Herding Cats Easier?

Read about…that unending topic…revising my MC’s arc.

Remember the old Chinese saying about the longest journey beginning with the first step?



But, eighteen days later and I’m finally three-quarters done with my MC. Yikes. I’m finding ways to get two scenes a day, but I’m struggling. When I’m finished with all this, I need to do some serious thinking regarding accelerating this because it’s taking an eternity to finish.

I am shocked, almost beyond words.

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Faleena Hopkins — Too Big To Fail…Not


Faleena Hopkins – Too Big To Fail…Not

I Know What It Means When I Say No Mas


Read about the opening Faleena’s day of reckoning in court.

Wait…wait…wait…the witch burning is off.. Sorry…you can all go home.

Faleena Hopkins quit, and will take down her Trade Mark of cocky.

And, as a writer, I really wanted to grieve for her, for she might have genuinely wanted to protect her stories. But all that stuff with Take Down Notices, acting totally snarky, branding her readers with insufficient discernment to figure out which books she’d written and those by other authors. Still, some of the writing greats have behaved dreadfully to other human beings. Papa Hemingway may have won a Nobel Prize in Literature, but he wasn’t ever going to win Best-Loved-Writer-By-Other-Writers.

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Revising Characters – Yellow Brick Road Time


Revising Characters – Yellow Brick Road Time

On A Tread-Mill

Read about updating my MC’s Prologue and First Scene.

Picture The Wizard of Oz with Dorothy skipping along the swirl and singing with the Munchkins…

…until she gets to the edge of town.

And, like her, I’m at the edge of town, looking at that road leading off into the distance, over hill and dale.  Only, I’m not skipping and singing.  I’m trapped on a treadmill.

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