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Unwillingness to rely on help limits someone to their own strengths and weaknesses.

When revolution deposes the ruling family, the heir, an archaeologist, tries to rescue his sister, but discovers traitorous friends plotting his city’s enslavement and misuse of artifacts.

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What’s New?

After two tries, I finished my Second Revision.
Book One – Second Revision – 2017 With the overall story structure corrected, I wrote my second revision, concentrating on scene structure.  Then I handed it off to my Trusted Reader, and she came back, most confused.  After getting over hurt feelings, I sat down and fixed the story again.
Book One – First Revision – 2017 After organizing my thoughts, I revised for the first time, correcting story structure issues and fixed story continuity.
Book One – First Draft – 2017  I started into my first draft, writing the first seven scenes of a planned eighteen, then completed my first draft.  In order to gain detachment, I let my first draft set, then read it.
 A Series Of Eight Novelettes
I settled on my next project…a series of novelettes based on a character from my last WIP.  And I worked out a series level story arc inside which eight novelettes would nestle.