My Learning Journey

My Learning Journey

In November 2013, I decided to become a serious writer.  People have always said I have a vivid imagination.  And I wasn’t the least bit afraid to put words on paper, so I thought I knew how to write.  How foolish.

At Christmas I got a how-to-write-books book about story structure.  I cried when I realized my three-quarter done story was hopelessly flawed.  After a lot of soul searching I decided to finish it anyway.  Afterward I cried again, overjoyed that I’d finally finished something.

Now, I’m trying to understand story craft.


Plots Characters Scenes Scenes Writing Thoughts


Exercises from James Scott Bell’s PLOT AND STRUCTURE OneTwo, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten


Impressions from watching people. Thoughts On Watching, Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5


I did exercises from Sandra Scofield’s The Scene Book Prologue, Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 3 (more), Ch 4, and Ch 5.
I offer some observations on Jordan Rosenfeld’s Make A Scene. Writing Scenes – At Last a Practical Guide, Scene Make Outs
I kept track of revising and editing scene types as I created Revision Four of my WIP. Here is the first of seven articles.  They are all linked together.
Just before I started my second revision, I discovered the book by Scofield and Rosenfeld.  So I devoted my second revision to fixing scene types. Here is the first of fifteen articles and are linked together.


I did exercises from Browne and King’s Self Editing for Fiction Writers. Thoughts,  Pt 1,  Pt 2Pt 3Pt 4Pt 5Pt 6Pt 7Pt 8Pt 9Pt 10,
I wrote about my editing experience as I prepared for my second round of Beta Readers  Here is the first of eleven articles.  They are all linked together.

Random Thoughts From Scribophile.

I spend a lot of time on Scribophile, learning a great deal about story craft.  I am also addicted to commenting, so why not include some of those precious gems here.  Ha.
So, how do we turn a first draft into something people might want to read? The longest journey begins with the first step.  Believe me, it’s a long, long journey.

6 thoughts on “My Learning Journey

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  4. These are all great reads, Lisa. I was wondering if you’ve put together a list somewhere of writing books you would and wouldn’t advise people to read, based on your experience? I’ve read your reviews to specific books, but I’m interested in picking up a few to read through and I’d be interested to hear which you thought were the most and least useful so that I don’t reinvent the wheel, trawling through stuff that’s already been tossed away as dross.

    • I’ve never talked to a king before. 🙂

      I will make a post about books I’ve found helpful. But they will probably include:

      Story Structure Blake Snyder’s Save The Cat, and Larry Brooks Story Engineering
      Scene Structure Jack Bickham’s Scene and Structure, James Scott Bell’s Plot and Structure, Sandra Scofield’s The Scene Book, and Jordan Rosenfeld’s Make A Scene.
      Characterization Ackerman and Puglisi’s Positive Character Traits Thesaurus, Negative Character Traits Thesaurus, and Emotions Thesaurus

      And there are a lot of other books I got bits and pieces from. There are also tons of blogs out there but it’s hard to sort out who’s good and who’s not…like me…ha.

      I’m also a member of and have learned as much there as anywhere.

      Happy writing. 🙂

      • Hah! Thank you. My regal nature rarely gets commented upon 😉

        I will chase up these books at the local library. Thanks again for suggesting some specific ones, and I’ll keep an eye open for the post about helpful books!

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