My Stories

My Stories

I was convinced all I had to do was write stories, and readers would flock to me.
I didn’t realize I had to earn reader trust.Until then, I post little stories.One day I hope to post links to my novels.

Latest Stories

It’s A Cat’s Life A Janet Story
Chills of Fear A Tammy Story
Brightness In The Dark An Amy Story

My Cast

Amy April Arlo
Horror Janet go to leekah 1Leekah
go to leekah 1Rachael go to leekah 1Tammy go to leekah 1Naughty
my Amy stories

Dear little Amy is a young school girl trying to survive in a world run by crazy adults, without a Hogwarts.

Silence Is Golden, Honesty Is Forever

Eternity With A Kitty Carrier

Grammar School Spelling Coach

One Lump of Snow, or Two?

Grandma Knows Their Names

Cousins, Corners and Cinnamon Crisps

Brightness In The Dark

go to aprilmy April story

I don’t know much about April, except she made a terrible mistake, and has no way to atone for it.

Bare Remembrance
go to arlomy Arlo stories

Magic Arlo and his friends live to love and be loved.


Waiting For Jigsaw

go to horrormy horror story

My name is not Stephanie King and I prove it with this little story.

 Whispers of Halloween
go to janetmy Janet stories

Janet is just your average white witch trying to get ahead in a Muggle world, when the Ministry of Magic leaves her alone.

 Duct Tape, Candy and Legos

Myopic Maneuvers and Misguided Minions

A Little Light Music

That Special Time of Year

Twisted Spells

Giggles, Sniggles and Arugula Salad

Neighborhood Going to the Dogs

It’s A Cat’s Life

go to leekah 1my Leekah stories

Little Leekah is a fairy determined to find her way in a world of Big People.

 Fairies Don’t Sweat, They Glow

Always Winter, Never Christmas

Late Night Sweets

The Sweetest of Them All

go to rachaelmy Rachael stories

Rachael lives a quiet life in Wyoming, but little adventures keep finding her out.

 Ugg Boots and Love

Sand, Serenity and Sadness

Whines Rip My Soul

Immortalizing Fragile Emissaries

Caressed By A Cloud

Fruits of the Fathers

Keening Kisses

Hopeless Waiting

One Taken, One Returned, One Remains

go to tammymy Tammy stories

Tammy is a tour guide in a mysterious Count’s Chateau, and he has noticed her.

 Quirked Eyebrows and Fluttering Hands

Red Nails and Ducal Seals

An Unexpected Gift

Double Meanings

Butterflies and Tingling Skin

Are We So Different?

Icy Streets and Treacherous Footing

Chills of Fear?

go to uknownracy stories

These stories have adult themes, and you should not go here if you are under age or don’t want to be offended.

Awareness of a Dream

6 Word Flash Fiction – 1

6 Word Flash Fiction – 2

6 Word Flash Fiction – 3


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