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Duty is a jealous lover, tolerating no competition for our attention or our souls.

When assassination disempowers her, a foreign-born Princess shields her son and Heir, only to discover her lover’s responsibility, and risks her people to save their future.

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What’s New?

 23 On April 14, 2017, I finally added a prologue.

My fifth revision

2016 – 2017

My second round of beta readers gave me great feedback.

I’ve begun working down the beta reader comments, and finally got through the ones which didn’t need added scenes.

My fourth revision


My first round of beta readers gave me tremendous feedback.  The very first thing I had to fix were my fight and battle scenes.  The next biggest thing was to fix my MC’s character arc.  Then I revisited my scene types – action, contemplation and dialog, dramatic, suspense, first and final, epiphany, and climax scenes.

Once I finished revising, I plunged into editing, starting with my  plan, text-to-speech apps, finding word frequency the verb BE, filtering, adverbs, glue words, pronouns, repetition, listening to the words, and wrapped things up.

My third revision


I focused on characterization in this revision, preparatory to releasing it to beta readers as will as critiques.  I began by revising 35 minor characters followed by my major characters.

After finishing making my characters right, I gave scene-by-scene critiquing a try, then realized I would get the most benefit out of going to Beta Readers first.

My second revision


As I prepared to launch into my second revision I discovered two wonderful books on scenes – Jordan Rosenfeld’s Make A Scene, and Sandra Scofield’s The Scene Book.  After absorbing their writing, I replanned every one of my scenes.

I remained faithful to my plan, revising by typeAction, Climax, Contemplation, Dialog, Dramatic, Epiphany, First and Final, and Suspense .

Part way through, I was tempted to submit to a publisher.

My first revision


I had serious structural issues to overcome – a WIP with seven POVs, written in 168,000 words.  After a lot of thought I cut three POVs and mapped out a plan to get my word count down to 120,000 words by shortening, deleting, merging, and moving scenes.  I kept a 32 part log of my struggle…and I’m not sure anyone cares but me.
Reading my first draft I waited ten weeks before I sat down and read my first draft. I was impressed…that I wasn’t depressed. Ha
Why Scepter’s Sacrifice?
The idea for Scepter’s Sacrifice came into being after writing two short stories about my main character, Deheya.
Delivered Up 100 word Micro – Fiction where Deheya first appeared

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  2. Do you use Wattpad? It’s a great platform, I have been dropping little teasers from my WIP and got great feedback there. Is your WIP in fantasy genre?

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