Revising – What Now?


Revising – What Now?

Send It Out To The Critters…Or Fix The Characters?

Read about final scenes.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Finished with my final scene’s structure finally shipshape, I sat, facing a choice. Should I fix the worst SPAG errors and send it out for crits…or…go and fix the character arcs?


…drum roll…

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Revising – The End Of Time


Revising – Those Special Snowflakes

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Read about climaxes.

There and back again.

The quest complete.

But when does our tale end? Might we write THE END after the climax, or does unfinished work remain?

Personally…I hate stories which end with the bad guy vanquished. But it took me time to understand those things I should do in advance of bringing the curtain down.

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Revising – Epiphany’s Lightning


Revising – Those Special Snowflakes

How Could I Have Been Such a Ditz?

Read about revising openings.

The MC finally gets it.

Of course, we all saw it coming. How smug and smart we all feel…and devastated.

You know, the part where the MC hits rock bottom after they wrecked everything. And they set this, feeling sorry for themselves, wondering how it all happened. Then…click. They finally understand that thing everyone tried to tell them.

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Faleena Hopkins — Her Day In Court


Faleena Hopkins – Her Day In Court

How Did It Taste?


Read about the opening shots in #Cockygate.


How does it really taste?

Faleena Hopkins, of #Cockygate, whom I blogged about in another post, escalated her war to enforce her recently awarded Trademark, by suing three people.  A Federal judge in New York held a preliminary hearing, summarized here.

Her most immediate loss was removal of Kevin Kneupper from the suit, thus allowing him to independently proceed with his challenge to awarding the Trademark.  And this may present Faleena with her biggest long-term peril, especially if the Trademark Office determines she made false statements, most notably her claim that she was the first to use Cocky in a series title.

Another pending loss is the suit against Jennifer Watson, who assembled an anthology of short stories called Cocktales, with the only stipulation that they contain Cocky in the title. Almost all proceeds will go to writers ensnared by Faleena Hopkins. As an aside, I had an opportunity to contribute a short story. Why did I elevate my WIP above a chance to strike a blow for underdog writers everywhere? Shame on me.

Meanwhile, many questioned the appropriateness of suing the publisher at all. Should not Faleena have gone after the authors?

Faleena’s best chance rests in her suit against Tara Crescent. And who knows how that will turn out? Because, though the judge seems to have made comments about the weakness of the Trademark, if it goes to a jury, anything might happen…especially if Tara Crescent counter sues for damages and court costs.

I think the next court date falls at the end of summer…a long, hot summer for a bully.

Revising – Those Special Snowflakes


Revising – Those Special Snowflakes

Four Scenes Writers Better Get Right

Read about revising dramatic scenes.

Every scene must pull its weight.

Still, four scenes stand more equal than others — the opening, epiphany, climax, and final scenes. Beyond any other single scene, flub any one of them and we ruin the cake, just like slamming a door makes a cake fall.

I save these scenes for the last, in part because I need to know the rest of the story. But, also, I cannot run them through the dramatic scene assembly line, instead, handcrafting each one, because each form does something different, unique to the story.

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