Art For Beyond The Footlights


Beyond The Footlights

Main Character

Read about amateur adventures in converting avatars.

I couldn’t stand it anymore.

The not knowing what my Main Character looked like part.

And I couldn’t go on. That has precious little to do with revising my first draft. But, as happens with revisions, I’ve experienced any number of micro revelations. My starting scene begins with my MC performing on stage. And theatrical themes might glue this story together. In time, a working title popped out…Beyond The Floodlights. With all that going, my MC’s artwork caught me by surprise.

So, he struts his stuff, commanding our attention…cock of the walk.

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Updating My Drawings – From 72 dpi to 300 dpi


Updating My Drawings

Going From 72 dpi to 300 dpi

So…how’s my novelette going, you ask?


…I got sidetracked into cover art. While waiting two weeks to read my first draft, I joined a group on Scrib studying cover design, and learned I suffered from…blurry image.

Rocked to the core, I decided to experiment with a recently added image. Uncertain of the outcome, I redrew it with 300 dpi’s.

And wonder of wonders. I had room for details…maybe too many…but lots of fun.

Then, in my clunky Photoshop knockoff, I discovered shading, and added it. The image needs work, but can wait.

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Cover Art, Pixels, and Swirling Heads


Cover Art, Pixels, and Swirling Heads

Cover art.


On Scrib, one of the groups began discussing Cover design. With time on my hands waiting for two weeks before reading The Bridge at Chelson Gorge, I joined. Unlike some who have vast experience, I’ve very little, mostly garnered by toying with covers for my first WIP.

They began with cover art. The takeaway? Get a big picture with high a resolution, because it must pass two tests…a compelling thumb-nail image, and a killer full-sized image.

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It’s A Cat’s Life


It’s a Cat’s Life

Bench Pressing Strong Verbs

Read about new neighbors.

Does practice make perfect?


Does it make permanent?

Part of my experiment in writing with strong verbs is to lodge them in my brain as permanent choices.  And…maybe…I will use them perfectly.  Ha.

This story may be just a little risque, but, what can I say?  I’ve been a good girl, letting my WIP’s first draft sit in a drawer…for twelve entire days, with only two more to go.  So…I guess I’m restless…in a mood.  And, this story popped out.

So, here are the rules for writing with strong verbs, and today’s words – eradicate, show, manifest, advance, prevail, state, transform, analyze, illustrate, and display.


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Chills of Fear? – Strong Verbs


Chills of Fear?

Bench Pressing Strong Verbs

Read about Tammy’s excursion to an old book shop.

I adore those with large vocabularies…as long as they aren’t stuck on themselves. Ha.

So, here I am, writing a story, using strong verbs, using them in the random order drawn from my list of 179: develop, extrapolate, envision, initiate, constitute, juxtapose, depend on, compute, impress, and assume.

How, I must wonder, do such words fit into stories of young tour guides at French Chateaus?


Arms folded, hugging herself against cold washing over her, creeping up nylon-covered legs, caressing her bare throat, Tammy stared at the old woman’s shop, Hannah’s words swirling in her head. While waiting for her own thoughts to develop, she tried extrapolating warnings offered in hushed tones deep behind dusty bookshelves against soft snow slowly burying the cobblestone streets.

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Waiting For A Clear Mind And Fresh Eyes


Waiting For a Clear Mind and Fresh Eyes

Can I Keep My Hands Off The Story?

Read about finishing my first draft of Bridge at Chelson’s Gorge.

After finishing Chelson’s first draft, an urge seized me to plunge in and rescue my darling.

But…others advised me to stay away for a time. They suggested at least two weeks.

Why wait?  Why not go in and fix it while it’s fresh.

Because…it’s fresh, and we will see with our mind’s eye, and overlook what’s on the page.  And I knew that.  But I hoped that, somehow, I was the special snowflake.  But…I’m not.

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